The CDPAP Basics

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program gained program status in 1995 after functioning as a demonstration known as the Patient Managed Home Care Program (PMHCP) and its purpose was to allow more freedom of choice when receiving home care for the disabled or chronically ill.

What terms do I need to know to better understand CDPAP?
You should know the following basic definitions:

  • Consumer: Someone who receives medical and personal assistance and is eligible to participate in CDPAP
  • Self-directing consumer: Someone who is capable of making choices about their own care and the type, quality, and management of their consumer-directed personal assistant
  • Designated representative: An adult given authority by a self-directing consumer to instruct, supervise and direct the consumer-directed personal assistant and perform certain consumer duties. For consumers who are not self-directing, the designated representative can be the consumer’s parent, legal guardian or an adult willing to perform these responsibilities.
  • Consumer-directed personal assistant: An adult providing consumer-directed personal assistance to a consumer under the consumer’s instruction, supervision, and direction or under that of a designated representative.

What types of care services does CDPAP cover?
Services performed by personal care aides, home health aides, licensed practical nurses and registered practical nurses are authorized under CDPAP.

Who trains and educates CDPAP personal assistants?
The consumer or their representative manages the training and education of their personal assistant.


There are many advantages to participating in the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, such as:

  • Family members and friends can earn a livelihood while providing the level of loving care and attention that the patient needs or prefers
  • Participants do not need to hold special licenses or certifications to deliver care
  • Participants are permitted to provide medical and personal assistance and other skilled services to the patient
  • Loved ones or consumer-selected caregivers can offer consistent and convenient care and enhance their relationships with the patient when time spent away from each other is no longer a factor


Are you eligible for CDPAP? Get in touch with Helping Hands Attendant Services if you meet the following basic requirements:

• You have Medicaid
• You require home care
• You are self-directing or have a representative who directs your care
• You are not attempting to deliver care to your spouse
• You are not attempting to deliver care to your own child under the age of 21

Can a CDPAP caregiver share an address with the consumer?
A consumer-directed personal assistant may include any other adult relative of the consumer who does not reside with the consumer or any other adult relative who resides with the consumer because the amount of care the consumer requires makes such relative’s presence necessary.

Can those without Medicaid still take advantage of CDPAP?
If you don’t currently have Medicaid, you will need to apply and obtain it in order to enroll in CDPAP.


What’s involved in the CDPAP application processing? Here are the basic steps you can expect to follow when applying:
• Complete an assessment that is reviewed by a nurse
• Complete patient forms
• Complete personal assistant forms

What are some tips for expediting my CDPAP enrollment?
To help the application process move along quickly, you need to properly evaluate your own situation to determine your readiness and all the necessary enrollment steps that apply to you. Ensure you are prepared to communicate with those helping you apply so you can remain on-call to fill in any paperwork gaps and take any necessary actions immediately to move the process along. You’ll also want to be cognizant of the specific deadlines that apply to your application materials and evaluations. Contact Helping Hands Attendant Services to get help with all aspects of CDPAP application processing.

What forms will I need to complete?
There are many individual forms that consumers and personal assistants will need to complete, and because the number may seem overwhelming, we highly recommend that you reach out to us for a full explanation and help getting started. Personal assistants must fill out the CDPAP Employment Application. All other forms are listed below, some of which are already included within the CDPAP Employment Application.

Health Plan Forms: